Sheila Perry Calvert Interview Medium

Family Tree Buff interview with Sheila Perry Calvert, DNA matched cousin and author of "Why Should I Be Ashamed." Candidate discussion about child sexual abuse in the African American community and how writing her book freed her from the shame that kept her silent for years.

Martin Robinson b. abt 1820 From The Begining


Taylor Bottom - and Clay Robinson

Taylor Bottom - The Ties That Bind Us

Clay Robinson

In Potts Camp, MS located between Holly Spring and Waterford, in Marshall County MS there lies what is commonly known as Taylor Bottom. In this fertile bottom farmland that lies in the forks of the Tippah and Tallahatchie River, 13 families most who had migrated from South Carolina lived in a successful homestead under the tutelage of Arch Taylor. There were two White families and eleven Black families including McKinley Brown, Lester Collins, Lazarus Dukes, Steve Robinson, Waiter McGowan, Arch Taylor, Ball Jones, Abe ?, and later his grandsons Robert Sr., B., and Kirby Taylor would make homes in Taylor Bottom. These families are the ties that bind us, they represent branches, separated from the root and we are the leaves scattered all about.

Connecting the dots
Steve Robinson, my 2nd great uncle was the son of Martin Robinson and Sallie Hankins, who was raising their family in Abbeville, MS about 15 miles Northeast of Potts Camp. Uncle …

Isaac "Ike" Garrett born 1835 in Laurens Co, SC

The Ties That Binds Us

Isaac "Ike" Garrett born 1835 in Laurens Co, SC

DNA matched cousins (top row) Albert E. Garrett II, Rev William, Loretta, and Perry Robinson, and Thomas W. Garrett. 
Bottom row: Johntira King and LaToya Jackson-Hart, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, Eunice Buffington

LaBrenda is the descendant of Isaac "Ike" Garrett through her father Thomas W. Garrett who is the great-great grandson of Isaac "Ike" Garrett. 

"Dublin Hunter" was the first African slave progenitor of the Garrett family. He purchased his freedom in South Carolina in 1819. He was unable to free his children, however. His daughter Sally had three children, Fletcher, Zilpha,and Susan. The father of the children was Bill Mills. Another daughter was Nancy Dublin, who married Samuel Garrett. Their children included Samuel, Martha, Ike and Hannah. The Garrett and Neely lines connect through several intermarriages. (From The Source of Our Pride by LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson)

Clay Rob…

The progenitor Ezekiel Columbus Buffington

The Buffingtons were immigrants from England that migrated to Pennsylvania and lived among Quaker families. Thomas Buffington moved his family to South Carolina around 1754. They settled in Abbeville District, owning land on Turkey Creek.

Edgefield, SC
Around 1760 Ezekiel married a white woman and worked on his father's farm in the Abbeville Dist. He had Oburn and Mary with his first wife.

(1) Mary married Daniel Treadwell and they had:

Richard (Nancy Randle)

Anderson (Dorcas Cox)

Elizabeth (Samuel Post)

Ezekiel P. (Mary)

Ellis (Pasty)

Thomas (Nancy Bell)



 (2) Oburn Married Massie Polley Beasley they had:

Thomas (Elizabeth Gilmore) -Asberry Buffington was transported to Waterford, MS with Elizabeth

Oburn Lafayette (Nancy Gilmore)

Ellis (Margaret Peggy Bell)

Nancy (Frances Gilmore/Gilmer)

Mary Massie (Moses Bryan)

(3) Oburn and his enslaved servant Hannah Primus Buffington had:

Primus (?)

Jackson (Silvy Buffington. Jane Jarret)

Tobias (Irena Buffington) (Parents of A…

Discovering The Deans and The Ties That Connect Us

Eddie Dean Sr
Eddie is the son of Anderson "Sammie" Dean and Anna Mae Pye. His grandfather Samuel Dean Sr married Priscilla "Silla" McBrayer, 21 Mar 1882 in Marshall County, MS.  His parents had several children including Lena, Sammie, Varnis, John, Magaret, Alphonze, Alice, Lizzy, and Diecy. Several children died in infancy their daughter Lizzy Dean would marry Albert C. Porter. 
Mattie D. Brown Dean
Eddie married the late Mattie D. Brown, daughter of William McKinley Brown Sr and Marcella D. Dukes. The had Eddie Jr., Willie B., and Christine. He laid his loving wife to rest 18 Mar 1997. Mattie's brother William M. Brown Jr married Eddie's niece (Lizzie's daughter), Mary Edna Porter.

Lizzie Dean Porter
Eddie's sister Lizzie Dean, married Albert C. Porter the son of Albert Porter Sr and Julia Brooks. Her obituary listed below lists her children including her daughter Mary Brown wife of William McKinley Brown Jr.
POTTS CAMP - Lizzie Lee Dean Porter, 93, do…

Discovering Ancestral Roots in Curacao

Mitochondria DNA Test Uncovered Ancestral Roots in Curacao

To trace my maternal origins I tested my maternal aunt, my mothers's sister.

The combined results of a mtDNA provide the basic level for tracing your direct maternal lineage. The results include basic information about your geographic origins on this line.  
Since Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down almost unchanged from a mother to her children, it allows you to trace your maternal ancestry. Showing where your direct maternal ancestors came from. 

Bettie McJunkins (Maternal Aunt)
I started the search with my known maternal line:

Cora M. Adams - mother
Velma Lewis -grandmother
Cora Robinson-great grandmother
Sallie Hankins-2x great grandmother
Eliza Hankins-3x great grandmother

Aunty's mtDNA - Results

Haplogroup - L3 

Haplogroup L3 is found in Africa, it is part of the L cluster of haplogroups, which has been concretely characterized as representing the original human mitochondrial lineage. This haplogroup dates back approxima…